The Four SeasonsMany people seem to think that in Israel, it’s summer all year long.  But actually, the changing of the seasons is especially important here, since it hardly rains at all until winter arrives.  And even though Israel has developed some of the most advanced irrigation systems in the world, we still depend so much on those winter rains!  Maybe that’s why winter is Jonathan’s favorite season.

In Lesson 9A, in addition to learning Eran’s and Liat’s favorite seasons, we will take a look at the use of the prefix ha- in Hebrew, and we’ll connect it to what we learned about the word et in Lesson 6.  So, which is correct? Ani ohev et ha-choref -
or- ani ohev et choref?

Astronomical ClockThen in Lesson 9B, we’ll learn the Hebrew names of all the months, and we’ll expand our ability to count with the ordinal numbers up to twelve.  By the time we’re done, we’ll know how to say “December is the twelfth month, March is the third month, etc.”

So, whether you prefer skiing on Mt. Hermon during yanu-ar or sunning yourself at the Dead Sea during o-gust, there’s a season for everything here in Israel.  And what’s the best season for learning Hebrew?  Right now!  kamuvan!