LearnHebrewPod has developed a comprehensive method that will lead you step-by-step towards mastering perfect conversational Hebrew.

We strongly recommend that you read this introduction about the lessons structure before getting started.


The core of each lesson is an audio session comprised of three parts:

  • Part A: We will introduce a Hebrew dialogue or monologue which will establish the lesson’s subject (always a useful and typical Israeli topic), introduce the main grammar concept, and give you ample opportunity to become very familiar with the sound and feel of spoken Hebrew. Listen to this part first!
  • Part B: Here we will review, expand and enrich the vocabulary and grammar presented in Part A. We will pay particular attention to thoroughly covering the new grammar topic presented in the lesson.
  • Part C: This part will give you the opportunity to review, practice, and absorb all you learned in Parts A & B. This section will often give you the opportunity to test your newly-acquired knowledge and to be a Hebrew speaker yourself!

PDF Transcripts

A PDF transcript of each audio session is also included to support your learning while listening.
Don’t read Hebrew? No problem! We use a special system called transliteration to phonetically represent Hebrew words using English letters.
For a better understanding of how our transliteration works, please review our Transliteration Appendix.


Many lessons have video sessions that allow you to listen to the audio lesson while reading the relevant snippets from the lesson transcript.


Finally, each lesson module also includes our excellent, interactive and fun multimedia games. Here you can practice Hebrew grammar, significantly expand and master your vocabulary, test your knowledge from the audio lessons, and even start reading Hebrew!
Find the games related to each lesson or browse the games page to see them all.