Check your vocabulary knowledge!

Instructions: Click, drag and release the words onto the pictures.
  1. Choose between 2 to 10 different categories from the list and click the "Start Game" button.
  2. You will get 10 pictures, chosen randomally from all of the categories that you have selected. In the center will appear a word. You will also hear how to pronounce it in Hebrew.
  3. If there is a picture that matches the word - click on the word, drag it and release it onto the picture. The word will "stick" to the picture and in the center, the next word will appear.
  4. Note! There are 15 words! 5 words do not have pictures! If a word appears that doesn't have a picture - click the "Skip" button to skip to the next word.
  5. You can use the "Skip" and "Back" buttons to go back and forth between the words.
  6. For each word, you will get 3 attempts to match it to the correct picture.
  7. If you fail to match a word to its picture three times, the answer will be automatically added to the game. The automatic match will not be counted as a correct answer.
  8. If there is not matching picture, the word will disappear and the next one will appear in the center.
  9. At the end of the game you will get your results and you can either play again or choose new cateogries and play a new game.
  10. During any step of the game, you may click the "New Game" button and go back to the game menu.