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Lesson 69 - On the Airplane

Lesson 70: New York New York

In the final part of our journey trilogy, our frenetic flying teachers have arrived at their destination. So then, of course, the issue arises of how to also squeeze in just a "little" sightseeing on the side...


In Lesson 70, Liat and Dan were soaking in as much as possible of the New York scene, including an evening at the Blue Note. We would be remiss if we didn't mention that Israeli culture - תרבות - tarbut is also incredibly rich. There's an immense diversity , including concerts - קונצרטים - conzzertim, festivals - פסטיבלים - festivalim, less formal gatherings… all sorts of entertainment abound Smile for every taste.

Whether planning to enjoy some time - לבלות - levalot with friends - חברה – chevre...

Flying through space

or to go out on a date – לצאת לדייט - lazzet ledeyt, it really helps to have some entertainment vocabulary at the ready! So what sorts of entertainment – בידור - bidur and pastime - בילוי - biluy might be on tap Laughing this evening - הערב - ha-erev?

In the music vein, we're a world-renown mecca for both home-grown and visiting musicians - מוזיקאים – muzika-im. (We've great radio too, for that matter.) Take your pick from

opera - אופרה -opera, classical music – מוזיקה קלאסית - muzika klasit,

muzika klasit in Hebrew



Middle Eastern Music - מוזיקה מיזרחית - Muzika Mizrachit

Middle Eastern Music - in Hebrew



Hard Rock - רוק כבד - Rok Kaved

Hard Rock In Hebrew


kleyzmer - קליזמר - klezmer, rap/hip-hop – ראפ/היפ-יופ - rap/hip-hop, jazz - ג'אז – jez... really, the list is practically endless... In fact, you can even find excellent Irish folk music – מוזיקה אירית עממית - muzika Irit amamit in our little country!

Maybe it's time to put on your dancin' shoes! Folk dancing – ריקודי עם - rikudey-am remains popular, and we've certainly also got clubs - מועדונים – mo-adonim with the latest in hip-hop - היפ הופ, pop - פופ or dance/electronic - דאנס/ אלקטרוני - dans/electroni tracks.


Night Club - מועדון לילה - Moadon Layla

Night Club in Hebrew


Want to watch the pro's instead? Take in a performance - הופעה - hofa-a of ballet - בלט - balet or modern dance – מחול מודרני - machol moderni. Many a dance troupes - להקות מחול - lahakot machol here are quite cutting-edge and high-caliber.


Modern Dance - מחול מודרני - Machol Moderni

Modern Dance in Hebrew


Or maybe consider a play - הצגה - hazzaga at a theater - תיאטרון - te-atron such as Habima or Hakameri in Tel Aviv. . . or a movie - סרט - seret at the nearest cinema - קולנוע - kolno-a.

A Play in Hebrew


Or on the lighter side, maybe check out some snappy routines at a comedy club- מועדון סטנד אפ- moadon stend-ap. (Note- we've some English-speaking performers running around as well).

Stand Up in Hebrew


Com'on, you've gotta eat something too, right? Ours is a country that celebrates eating like nobody's business J ! From fine dining - with a dizzying variety of cuisines - in some classy restaurant - מסעדה - misada to the more straightforward, oh-so-delectable choices of Middle Eastern fare - אוכל מזרחי - ochel mizrachi beckoning your taste buds from every nook and cranny, we've got you covered. 

Middle Eastern Fare in Hebrew


Follow up with some coffee, cake and ice-cream at a café -  בית-קפה- bet-ka-fe, or treat yourself to some fresh squeezed juice - מיץ – mizz from the nearest juice stand - קיוסק - kiosk. Or wind down your night on the town with a stop at a nearby pub - פאב – pab with an alcoholic beverage - משקה חריף – mashke charif, or a glass of a nice local wine- יין - yain.


Hanging out in Tel Aviv? Finish up with a leisurely stroll on the promenade - טיילת – tayelet that runs the length of the beach - חוף הים  – chof  hayam, alongside the lovely Mediterranean Sea – הים התיכון - HaYam HaTichon.



Yo, that all sounds so good, over here at Learn Hebrew Pod that we've decided to take our own advice, go out and make a night of it ourselves right now! Yalla chevre!