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Lesson Number 34 - Finding a Home for Luli


Shiur mispar shloshim ve-arba, Lesson Number Thirty-Four, is dedicated to a topic which many of us will find close and dear to our hearts: Pets!

Dogs belong to the Canine Family

Liat also owns a cat. Cats belong to the Feline Family

Let's meet some of the Canine Family members, while learning their names in Hebrew:



Let's meet some of the Feline Family members, while learning their names in Hebrew:


Meet the rest of the members of the Feline and Canine families, and many more pets and animals on our Online Presentation. Click here for a free trial.

Proverbs in Hebrew - Pitgamim be-Ivrit
The dogs are barking but the caravan moves on
haklavim novchim ve-hashayara overet

When the cat's away the mice will play

kshe-hachatul holech ha-achbarim chogegim

A Game for Lesson 34 - Find the Animals

Find the Hebrew words for the animals listed below and circle them.

The words can appear from left to right, top to bottom or diagonally. Behazzlacha!


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Lesson 34: Finding a Home for Luli      For this lesson's recording, Eran arrived at the Learn Hebrew Pod Studio with a friend, a puppy dog named Luli - kalba gura beshem Luli. Will Liat be surprised when she meets them? Join us to find out!
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Lesson 33: Going to the Doctor
While recording Lesson shloshim ve-shalosh of Learn Hebrew Pod, Liat ve-Eran didn't feel well. Let's join them as they discuss medications and shots...and set up an appointment with a Doctor-tor lerofe. 
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The Matching Game
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Vocabulary Game - Animals
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  Practice Verbs - shata (drank)
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