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Lesson Number 39 - The Concert



Let's listen to the sounds of Music

zzliley hamuzika

When going to the a classical concert, we usually listen to a Philharmonic or a Symphonic Orchestra

tizmoret filharmonit o simfonit 

The Symphony Orchestra is divided into different Musical Instrument Families. Let's learn some of them:

Stringed Instruments



kley meytar


Brass Instruments


kley neshifa mimatechet


Percussion Instruments


kley hakasha


 Learn how to pronounce the words for the different Musical Instrument Families and much more music related vocabulary on our 'Expand Your Vocabulary Presentations".

From the Bible

A Game for Lesson 39 - Music Puzzle

Find the Hebrew words (Using Latin letters) for the Music related vocabulary listed below. 
Words can be studied and reviewed using the 'Expand your Vocabulary' games on the learnhebrewpod website.


print the game

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Lesson 39: The Concert
Eran and Liat had a great time yesterday. They went to a performance of a Beethoven symphony, simfonya shel Bethoven. In this lesson they discuss music, orchestration and a new building block - Piel.
Listen to Lesson 39 on our website

Lesson 38: At the Clothing Store
Eran is invited to a very important dinner part of his preparations, he buys a new shirt - chulzza chadasha. Let's join him as he shops for his shirt, while learning more about prepositions in Hebrew!
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The Matching Game
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Vocabulary Game - Musical Instruments 1&2
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Practice Reading - Lesson 39's Newspaper review
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