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Lesson Number 47 - Let's Practice What We Know #7

Whether it's just an ordinary day or one full of exciting celebrations, we'll be ready for anything after we review all the new words from...

shiurim shloshim ve-shtaim ad shloshim ve-shmone

Lessons 32 to 38

First, let's deal with the stuff of everyday life...                                                                 





Then we'll enjoy some big changes...    






Let's make sure we're dressed perfectly

At The Clothing Store



Then wear our new outfits to...

The Wedding




Finally, we'll celebrate the holiday that brings out the child in all of us...


Review and practice all the vocabulary from Lesson 32-38 by listening to Lesson 47 and reading the PDFs. Then find many more words on related topics in our "Expand Your Vocabulary" presentations!


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Lesson 47: Let's Practice What We Know #7
To review 800 words, this is our quest. With practice, practice, practice, we're sure to have success!
Listen to lesson 47 on our website

Lesson 46: Let's Practice What We Know #6
Seven building blocks...lots and lots of Hebrew verbs! There's no time like the present to review the past (tense, that is) with Learn Hebrew Pod!
Listen to lesson 46 on our website

The Matching Game
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Practice Vocabulary (Feminine Numbers 11-20)
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Practice Vocabulary (Masculine Numbers 11-20)
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Quiz #47
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