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Lesson Number 47 - Present Tense Review



In April 1909, sixty-six families gathered on a sand dune on the outskirts of Jaffa to plan a new city. There was nothing there but the sand they were standing on.




Today, 100 years later, it is hard to imagine anyplace more in touch with Israel's "present tense" then Tel-Aviv!









Tel Aviv’s 100th birthday year was filled with special events! 



The City of Brussels honored Tel-Aviv's 100th birthday with a "carpet" made
of over 500,000 flowers.

The Dutch Embassy in Israel and a team of experts from Holland created huge sand castles modeled on Tel Aviv's early landmarks.


I originally subscribed to LearnHebrewPod for my trip to Israel in January of this year, because it's handy to know a bit of the language of wherever you're visiting.


 In Jerusalem I didn't need it at all, in Eilat I had a practice (ordering an orange juice from the cafe) but it was in Haifa that I actually needed to use it. As you'd know, in Haifa it is better to speak Russian rather than English. But because I had the Hebrew I'd learned from LHP, I was able to order three three-shekel ice creams from McDonalds from the assistant who didn't speak English. It was only a short exchange, and I used feminine not masculine numbers, but I still got our ice creams! I was quite pleased with myself, because while my language wasn't perfect, I still got my point across, got what I needed to get and I successfully communicated, which is the most important outcome of learning a language.


Thanks LHP, your teaching and my learning was successful! (Ironically, lots of the people on the trip got sick and had to visit the doctor to get antibiotics and all that. I thought to myself "What if that doctor wasn't Australian or couldn't speak English?", and thought that it would be useful for LHP to have a lesson on going to the doctor. Sure enough, when I got back and before I had time to suggest it, there was a lesson from you on going to the doctor!)


Best regards, Nathanael (Morley, WA, Australia)


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