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Lesson Number 49 - Let's Practice What We Know #9

Over 800 words in the Intermediate Level alone...
What progress we have made!





Let's review our last group of Intermediate Level words from...

Shiurim shloshim ve-tesha ad arba-im ve-arba

Lesson 39 to 44




Some of our hobbies are purely for enjoyment . .




and some are a little more practical...






and some are a little bit of both ! !

Review and practice all the vocabulary from Lessons 39-44 by listening to Lesson 49 and reading the PDFs. Then find many more words on related topics in our "Expand Your Vocabulary" presentations!
From The Bible

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Lesson 49: Let's Practice What We Know #9
How well do Liat and Eran know Jonathan? Can they guess his topic for reviewing the words from Lessons 39 to 44? More well do you know the words???
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Lesson 48: Let's Practice What We Know #8
Don't forget the past, look forward to the future. But today, Learn Hebrew Pod invites you to be present in the we review the Hebrew present tense!
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Practice Vocabulary (Winter)
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Practice Reading (Lesson 49 monologue)
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Quiz #49
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