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Lesson Number 50 - Future Tense Review



We've looked at Israel's past and a city with over 4,000 years of history...




As a symbol of her present, a city that just turned 100 years old...





What of Israel's future tense? We all have our own ideas...

But no matter our race, religion, or nationality,

we all dream of a future of peace...




From the Bible

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Lesson 50: Let's Practice What We Know #10
As we reach the end of the Intermediate Level, we've got our eyes on the future! On all that we will learn as Advanced Hebrew Student...and the future tense!!    
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Lesson 49: Let's Practice What We Know #9
How well do Liat and Eran know Jonathan? Can they guess his topic for reviewing the words from Lesson 39 to 44? More well do you know the words?   
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Practice Vocabulary (Masculine Ordinal Numbers)
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Practice Verbs ('humlazz' - was recommended)
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