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Lesson Number 51 - Movin' On Up



We've reached the beginning of the Advanced Level... 

How far we've come on our journey!





We have gained so much confidence in where we have been and in where we are going...





And the future is brighter and brighter as we continue to improve!










You may have noticed that all of the verbs above appear in the infinitive construct form.

Stay tuned to the Advanced Level lessons for a thorough discussion of this verb form
and how it is used.


From the Bible

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Lesson 51: Movin' On Up

As we reach the first Advanced Level lesson, there’s no question that our Hebrew is on its way to new heights! Let’s catch up on all the news and take a look at what’s ahead. The sky’s the limit!   
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Lesson 50: Let's Practice What We Know #10
As we reach the end of the Intermediate Level, we've got our eyes on the future! On all that we will learn as Advanced Hebrew students...and the future tense!!    
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Practice Vocabulary - On the Airplane
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Vocabulary Game - Traveling
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Practice Reading (Lesson 51's monologue)
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Practice Reading (Lesson 51's new vocabulary)
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