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Lesson Number 52 - Eliezer Ben-Yehuda




Hebrew as we learn and speak it today wouldn't be the same if it hadn't been for the work of...





To further his goal of reviving Hebrew as a spoken language, he compiled a dictionary of over 8,000 pages!






He actually invented many words that we use today in Modern Hebrew:





Words of Wisdom







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Lesson 52:Eliezer Ben-Yehuda

The Hebrew we speak today is actually less than 200 years old…but born of the language of Biblical Hebrew. Let’s find out how it came to be…and meet the Reviver of the Hebrew Language.
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Lesson 51: Movin' On Up

As we reach the first Advanced Level lesson, there’s no question that our Hebrew is on its way to new heights! Let’s catch up on all the news and take a look at what’s ahead. The sky’s the limit!   
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Practice Reading

(Lesson 52's Article)
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Practice Reading

(Lesson 52's New Vocabulary)
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Quiz #52

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