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A Celebration of Hebrew





We at Learn Hebrew Pod celebrate Hebrew this week with the release of Lesson 53. . . just as all of Israel celebrates Hebrew Book Week





Each year in the late Spring, Israel dedicates a week to celebrating the Hebrew language, its books, authors, and publishers. It’s the best time to find bargains in all the bookstores and to enjoy huge book fairs throughout the country!





Thousands of people gather to enjoy the festivities, and parents bring their children to teach them the joy and importance of reading. There is truly something for everyone: entertainment, performances, lectures, and of course... books, books, books!!!



From The Bible 

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What's New on Learn Hebrew Pod


Lesson 53: A 3 a.m. Phone Call
For the second time, Liat has arrived at the Learn Hebrew Pod studio singing and dancing. Last time, she announced the engagement of her brother Amir. And today?
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Lesson 52: Eliezer Ben-Yehuda
The Hebrew we speak today is actually less than 200 years old....but born of the language of Biblical Hebrew. Let's find out how it came to be...and meet the Reviver of the Hebrew Language.
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Practice Reading (Lesson's 53 Conversation)

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Practice Vocabulary (Family and Friends)
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