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Working + Mom
 The Job Interview


We all know how it works: You took a career break to start a family, had your child and spent the past couple of years, baby talking in your house cloths.

Now you want to go back to work.


Getting a job these days isn't easy for anyone neither is balancing work and family responsibilities or handling the guilt feelings that come with leaving your child, to be cared for by a nanny or a nursery nurse.  Then There's the self doubt and uncertainty as to your competencies after such a long time away from the job market…


You've taken the first step and applied for the job you set your heart on.

You were short listed







The Job Interview

Research tells us that getting a job is actually all about presentation, or to put it otherwise: it's 30% skills and 70% presentation. There's a wealth of information for and tips on how to prepare for a job interview. What to do before and during the interview. Not least for ima-ot tri-yot (new moms- literally fresh mothers) who are looking to enter or rejoin the maagal haavoda (the job market – literally the job circle).  


Accepted wisdom has it that you have to do your homework on the prospective employer before you get there. Know your resume. Project confidence (body language, sfat guf is as important as what you say.) Don't mumble or stumble on your words. Be prepared to answer awkward questions (like stating your weaknesses) and dress well…and you have to ask the right questions.


As a new mom you have to be able to answer questions like: how do you spend your leisure time when most of that leisure time is spent chasing your toddler. Or if your child is still a baby and you are an ima menika (a breastfeeding mother) managing between feeds, changing nappies and catching up on those many sleepless hours.


As a mother of young children you have to be able to demonstrate how you'll time manage and discharge your responsibilities at work not being constantly distracted by responsibilities at home.


Employment advisers agree – you have to turn what seems at first a disadvantage into  an asset.   



But getting the Job Interview itself lies at  the end of a long process:


First we have to actually look for a job...



To submit a job application.




To add our C.V.




And when success comes about - we're hired!



Then, at the end of each month...what we've been looking for: Payday!


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