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Higher Learning Straight Ahead




Maybe you’ve just finished high school (or your service in the army).
Or maybe you’ve spent years pursuing your career and now want to
do some learning and research. The academic and energetic
atmosphere of the university may be just what you’re looking for...
so grab your book bag, and let’s head to campus!

If you want to live right in the middle of everything, maybe the dorms are for you. True, you won’t live in luxury... but you might actually get to class on time!


Another benefit of living in the dorms is that you won’t have to worry about one of
the most precious resources on any university campus . . .



A university campus can be a pretty big place, so of course, you’ll need to find your way around. Check out the many resources available to help you... or maybe just follow somebody who looks like they know where they are going!!



First, you’ll need to buy all your books and supplies for class...


. . . then check out some options for things to do later...



. . . or find some cool friends to study with...



But be sure not to forget the most important part of any marathon study session...


All the photos is this edition of the Learn Hebrew Pod newsletter were taken by LHP’s “photographer in the field” right here at universities in Israel. We invite you to visit Israel soon and check out its excellent universities and beautiful campuses for yourself!



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