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In the three years since we launched Learn Hebrew Pod, we’ve heard from many of you that you wish you could meet Eran, Liat, Dan, and Jonathan... and maybe ask just a Hebrew question or two. Now, after almost 200 lessons, countless vocabulary words, and thousands of students from all around the globe, we’re giving you the opportunity to do just that... Get ready to study 1-on-1 with a member of the Hebrew Dream Team!




The Games People Play




It doesn't matter if you are 4 or 104, sometimes we all just need to let loose and play! And even in our world of Xbox, PlayStation, and Angry Birds, there are certain things that are just better in their low-tech variety. That's why, when Eran came to visit us from Prague for the recording of Shiur Mispar 63, he showed us his brand new Chess set... not the latest Chess app on his iPhone (even though Eran really loves his iPhone!) So, whether it's a word game, intense strategy, or just plain silliness... let the games begin!!














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What's New on Learn Hebrew Pod


Lesson 63: Checkmate!
A very special visitor joins us for Lesson 63. No, it's not Bobby Fischer...but someone we all know and love. Let's listen as he shares with us his new love and gives us a chess lesson . . in Hebrew!
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Lesson 62: First Aid at the Pharmacy
Liat is soon to be off on an exciting adventure (and with someone very special, too!) But before her travels take her too far afield, let's join the ever-responsible Liat on a short trip to the pharmacy.
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Test yourself (Lesson 63's Quiz)
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Practice Reading (Lesson 63's New Verbs)
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