Welcome to Learn Hebrew Pod’s Jewish Prayers course... bringing the wisdom and spirituality of thousands of years closer to you.

Uniquely designed from the ground up to provide a flexible and comprehensive introduction to 50 Jewish prayers, the Jewish Prayers: Reading and Understanding course allows you to customize exactly the learning experience you are looking for. For each prayer, you can choose to study: (1) the original Hebrew text; (2) the transliteration to English letters; (3) the English translation... or any combination of the three, making it perfect for brushing up on your Hebrew reading skills or in combination with our How to Read Hebrew course.

Want to hear the audio? Of course that’s there too... in your choice of a male or female voice... and in three different reading speeds. And if you’re especially interested in understanding the deeper meaning, our introduction to each prayer provides valuable insight into the spirituality and tradition behind the words.

For thousands of years, people of all faiths and backgrounds have found comfort and connection in the words of Jewish prayers, and now we invite you to do the same.