Let's practice the verbs from lesson 53 beyachad (together)!

We deserve magi-a lanu מַגִּיעַ לָנוּ Play
Gave birth (When referring to a female) yalda יַלְדָּה Play
Was born (When referring to a male) nolad נוֹלַד Play
Weigh (When referring to a masculine noun) shokel שׁוֹקֵל Play
You picked (When referring to more than one male or a group of a mixed gender) bachartem בָּחַרְתֶּם Play
To tell (An infinitive construct form) lesaper לְסַפֵּר Play
Had contractions / Started having contractions kibla zzirim קִיבְּלָה צִירִים Play
I drove hisati הִסַּעְתִּי Play
She had pains / She was in pain hayu la ke-evim הָיוּ לָה כְּאֵבִים Play
They calmed her / They relieved her hirgi-u ota הִרְגִּיעוּ אוֹתָהּ Play
They took care tiplu טִיפְּלוּ Play
Went / Passed (When referring to a feminine noun) avra עָבְרָה Play
Resembles (When referring to a masculine noun) dome דּוֹמֶה Play
Dying (When referring to a feminine noun) meta מֵתָה Play
To meet (An infinitive construct form) lifgosh לִפְגּוֹשׁ Play
We will meet / We will see nitra-e נִתְרָאֶה Play