Let's practice the non-verb vocabulary from lesson 53 beyachad (together)!

Beautiful (When referring to a masculine noun) yefeyfe יְפֵיְפֶה Play
Nurses achayot אֲחָיוֹת Play
Now / Currently achshav עַכְשָׁיו Play
Meaning / In other words klomar כְּלוֹמַר Play
Hospital (A contiguity form) beyt cholim בֵּית חוֹלִים Play
Baby (when referring to a male) tinok תִּינוֹק Play
Birth leyda לֵידָה Play
Than I memeni מִמֶּנִּי Play
Around / At about bisvivot בְּסְבִיבוֹת Play
Strong (when referring to a masculine noun or a group of a mixed gender) chazakim חֲזָקִים Play
By midnight bechazzot בְּחֲצוֹת Play
Poor thing / Miserable (when referring to a female) miskena מִסְכֵּנָה Play
Then az אָז Play
Hard / Difficult kashe קָשֶׁה Play
It was really hard for her haya la kashe הָיָה לָה קָשֶׁה Play
Itself / Herself azzma עָצְמָה Play
Easily bekalut בְּקָלוֹת Play
Within toch תּוֹךְ Play
Two hours she-ata-im שְׁעָתַיִים Play
Nephew achyan אַחְיָין Play
Chubby (when referring to a male) shmanman שְׁמַנְמַן Play
Still / Yet ada-in עֲדַיִין Play