• Familiarity with the Language

    Every Advanced Level lesson begins with a fluent Hebrew conversation. In the A Lesson, we will hear each sentence along with its English translation. In the C Lesson, we will have the opportunity to hear the conversation again, this time just in Hebrew. All the dialogues, monologues, and texts that form the basis of each lesson will be presented at a speed similar to what you might actually hear in Israel. But we will continue to employ our special system of multiple readings so you are sure to hear and pronounce all the words correctly.

  • Advanced Hebrew Vocabulary

    We will continue to enrich our vocabulary and Hebrew fluency in diverse and different situations by studying monologues, dialogues, essays, articles, reviews, and various other Hebrew literature resources--all, of course, at a level appropriate for advanced students. And by learning the patterns by which Hebrew nouns and adjectives are formed, we will soon fill our word banks to overflowing!

  • Advanced Hebrew Grammar

    The core grammar concept we will study in the Advanced Course is the formation of Hebrew nouns and adjectives using a systematic approach to mold root letters into patterns, ultimately creating their final forms (similar to the process used for verbs). Each Advanced Level B Lesson will be primarily dedicated to continuing our expert exploration of Hebrew verbs. Now that we can conjugate “all natural root letter” verbs in the past, present, and future tenses in all seven building blocks, we will shift our focus to irregular verbs: verbs that contain guttural letters in their roots, verbs that contain four root letters instead of three, and many other exceptions. We’ll also take a thorough look at the infinitive construct verb form.

As we focus on more and more parts of speech and the elements of advanced sentence formation, we are well on our way to becoming true experts of the Hebrew language.