• Basic Familiarity with the Hebrew Language

    The dialogues and monologues that form the basis of our lessons, as well as the friendly interaction of our native Hebrew speakers, will give you ample opportunity to become very familiar with the sound and feel of spoken Hebrew at an understandable pace (that will increase as you advance). In many lessons, you will also have the opportunity to practice being a Hebrew speaker yourself.

  • Basic Hebrew Vocabulary

    You will learn a varied and rich vocabulary relevant to visiting Israel and daily life in Israel. We will start with the language of greetings, introductions, and basic social interaction, and we will quickly progress to such topics as visiting coffee shops and restaurants, booking a hotel room, participating in social activities (such as going to a party, the beach, or a soccer game), getting directions, and much more!

  • Beginners Hebrew Grammar

    You will make significant strides in exploring the uniqueness and richness of Hebrew grammar, including such topics as the use of prefixes, suffixes, and infixes; the importance of masculine/feminine and singular/plural forms (for adjectives, nouns, and verbs); techniques for correctly using numbers and counting; the use of prepositions and the special Hebrew word “et”; an introduction to the contiguity construct (smichut); and Hebrew’s unique system of “building blocks” used to mold verbs into the proper forms for different personal pronouns using root letters and the appropriate additions/modifications to the root.

This threefold approach is integrated throughout the audio lessons, the multimedia kits and numerous interactive tools on our website, and the optional Hebrew reading course. With practice, we believe that you will be able to conduct a useful and simple Hebrew conversation within three to four months and a much more complex one in less than a year. Bruchim haba-im... welcome to Learn Hebrew Pod!