• Familiarity with the Language

    In the Intermediate Level, the pace at which the dialogues and monologues are initially presented will continue to increase, beginning to approach that of daily conversation in Israel. But don’t worry... we will employ a special system of multiple readings to make sure that you are able to hear and pronounce all the words correctly. And you will continue to have the opportunity to practice speaking yourself. (You can become even more familiar with the sound of spoken Hebrew by listening to some informal conversation between Eran and Liat at the very end of each A Lesson.)

  • Intermediate Hebrew Vocabulary

    As we progress, the speed at which we are able to acquire and utilize new vocabulary grows by leaps and bounds. Each lesson in the Intermediate Level includes tons of new vocabulary on practical topics such as visiting the beauty salon or barber, going to the doctor, furnishing a new apartment, running errands, or finding just the right outfit for that special occasion. But let’s not forget the recreational and cultural--we’ll learn the words we need to go to the movies or a classical music concert, enjoy our favorite fairy tales... even travel to Paris!

  • Intermediate Hebrew Grammar

    Our grammar proficiency will increase right along with our vocabulary as we explore the use of Hebrew’s building block system in detail. We’ll continue learning to conjugate verbs in pa-al (the first building block) in the past, present, and future tenses--taking a close look at some of the irregularities caused by guttural letters in the verbs’ roots. Then we’ll look at each of the other six building blocks in turn, recognizing the patterns of similarities and differences. We’ll also concentrate on the use of prepositions, focusing on Hebrew’s unique system of declining (or adjusting) the basic preposition based on the noun to which it relates. As we discuss prepositions, we’ll look at some basic rules of sentence structure and sentence elements--subject, predicate, and object. We’ll also learn to count (using both masculine and feminine numbers) up to a million and beyond!

One of the beautiful features of a program such as Learn Hebrew Pod’s is the ability to take it at your own pace. Review each lesson until you feel comfortable... our integrated, brick-by-brick program will be there for you at each step along the way!