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Hebrew Lesson Number 50:

Let's Practice What We Know #10

As we reach the end of the Intermediate Level, we’ve got our eyes on the future! On all that we will learn as Advanced Hebrew students…and the future tense!!

Introduction to Lesson 50: 

Let's Practice What We Know #10

Learn Hebrew Pod - Lesson No. 50

I look to the future because that's where I'm going to spend the rest of my life.

George F. Burns (American comedian 1896-1996)  

Indeed, the future is where we are going to spend the rest of our lives. So who isn’t a bit curious about what it might hold?  We look into crystal balls, read our horoscopes . . . even consult slips of paper inside cookies at Chinese restaurants.

But at Learn Hebrew Pod, we don’t need a fortune teller to read the future . . . all we need is Eran, Liat, and Jonathan (and maybe a few simple rules)!

ברוכים הבאים אל העתיד

In shiur mispar chamishim we’ll review the future tense in all seven of the Hebrew building blocks.  We’ll meet once again our old friend “e-i-ti-ni,” and we’ll see how remembering this one simple phrase can help bring the future into focus every single time.

We’ll also continue our discussion about the different meanings carried by the different Hebrew building blocks, and we’ll see again just how rich and interesting this system is (and unique to Hebrew . . . so cool!)

So join us for the very last lesson of our Intermediate Level . . . and get ready to jump into the Advanced Level with both feet (and a lot of confidence about how much we’ve learned).  Because we don’t need a crystal ball to tell us this . . . with Learn Hebrew Pod, our Hebrew future is bright!!


Team Conversation from The Lesson

ליאת, יונתן וערן

Our Intermediate Level Hebrew Teachers

Eran: Liat, at mitrageshet?

Liat: ani me-od mitragetshet! ve-ata Eran, ata mitragesh?

Eran: ani me-od, me-od mitragesh, kamuvan!

Eran and Liat: ve-ata Yonatan?

Jonathan: kamuvan, kamuvan! ani gam mitragesh! me-od me-od mitragesh!

Liat: We are all very excited, ve-ha-siba lekach hi -

Eran: And the reason for that isof course - kamuvan…

!אני מתרגשת

Jonathan: she-ha-yom, Eran, Liat ve-gam ani, Yonatan…

Eran: maklitim et shi-ur mispar chamishim, ve-ha-shi-ur haze kfi she-kulanu yod-im . . .

Liat: ve-ha-shi-ur haze kfi shekulanu ve-yod-ot . . .

Jonathan: hu ha-shi-ur ha-acharon shel Learn Hebrew Pod . . .

Liat: The Intermediate Level - dargat ha-beynoni-im.

Eran: Next lesson we’ll all be advanced mitkadmim!

Advanced Level

Jonathan: Great guys! me-ule, mushlam! ve-shalom lachem studentim yekarim. :) Welcome to Lesson Number Fifty - bruchim ha-ba-im le-shi-ur mispar chamishim, the last lesson for the Intermediate Level of Learn Hebrew Pod! Our online . . .

Liat: Multimedia . . .

Eran: Hebrew Learning Center!

Liat: ha-shi-ur ha-ze, kfi she-ha-yu shi-urim arba-im ve-shesh ve-arba-im ve-shmone - This lesson, as were Lessons Forty-Six and Forty-Eight…

Eran: mukdash - is dedicated, le-sheva milim - to seven words.

Jonathan: sheva milim - seven words… o shiv-a pe-alim - or seven verbs. And as we all know… it all depends… on how you look at them.

Eran: As seven words, they are the names of the seven building blocks we use in Hebrew: Pa-al, Nif-al, Pi-el, Pu-al, Hif-il, Huf-al and Hitpa-el. 

Liat: And as seven verbs, they form the third person, singular conjugation in the past tense of the Hebrew root PA and L - pey, ayin ve-lamed - in each of these seven building blocks.

Eran: kmo be-shi-urim arba-im ve-shesh ve-arba-im ve-shemone - as in Lessons Forty-Six and Forty-Eight, our main grammar topic for today is…

Liat: ha-ta-yot ha-po-al - verb conjugations for all natural root letter verbs in all of the Hebrew building blocks.

Eran: In Lesson Forty-Six, we reviewed these Hebrew verb conjugations for the

past tense – zman avar.

זמן עבר

Liat: In Lesson Forty-Eight, we reviewed the Hebrew verb conjugations for the

present tense – zman ho-ve.

זמן הווה

Jonathan: And in this lesson, with our eyes looking forward, we will review all of the Hebrew verb conjugations for the

future tense – zman atid.


זמן עתיד

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