It turns out that Luli is no ordinary dog.  hi kalba me-od me-yu-chedet.  She understands both Hebrew and English . . . and she’s a girl who knows exactly what she wants!  It also sSmiling Dogeems that Luli loves Hebrew grammar almost as much as Jonathan--especially verbs in the pa-al building block with guttural third root letters.  (She is one smart puppy!)  Smile

Luli’s story gives us the perfect opportunity to continue exploring these verbs and learn some words and phrases important to all pet owners.  (Do you know how to say “housebroken” in Hebrew?)

Finally, we will learn why this lesson is a very special one in the history of Learn Hebrew Pod.  And, of course, we’ll want to make sure that Luli’s story has a happy ending.

Whether you are an animal lover, a pa-al building block lover, or just want to learn a term of affection for your sweetheart, shiur mispar shloshim ve-arba is sure to make you smile . . . and Luli wag her tail!