Lesson Number 34: 

Finding a Home for Luli

For this lesson's recording, Eran arrived to the Learn Hebrew Pod Studio with a new friend, a puppy dog named Luli – kalba gura beshem Luli. Will Liat be surprised when she meets them? Join us to find out!

Introduction Lesson 34: 

Finding a Home for Luli

It turns out that Luli is no ordinary dog.  hi kalba me-od me-yu-chedet.  She understands both Hebrew and English . . . and she’s a girl who knows exactly what she wants!  It also seems that Luli loves Hebrew grammar almost as much as Jonathan--especially verbs in the pa-al building block with guttural third root letters. (She is one smart puppy!) 

!איזו גורה חמודה.... וואו
What a cute (female) puppy.... Wow!

Luli’s story gives us the perfect opportunity to continue exploring these verbs and learn some words and phrases important to all pet owners.  (Do you know how to say “housebroken” in Hebrew?)

Finally, we will learn why this lesson is a very special one in the history of Learn Hebrew Pod.  And, of course, we’ll want to make sure that Luli’s story has a happy ending.

Learn Hebrew Pod - Lesson No. 34


Whether you are an animal lover, a pa-al building block lover, or just want to learn a term of affection for your sweetheart, shiur mispar shloshim ve-arba is sure to make you smile . . . and Luli wag her tail!

Team Conversation from the Lesson:

!איזה מותק
What a sweetheart!

Jonathan: Eyze sipur yafe. What a nice story! Let's read it once more while I give the English translation…and BTW, shalom studentim yekarim. Bruchim habaim leshiur mispar shloshim ve-arba alef, thirthy four A. which is actually Learn Hebrew Pod shiur mispar, lesson number…

(Luli is barking three times)

כלב נובח / כלבה נובחת

Liat: Nachon Luli! Counting the A, B and C lessons, we had ninty nine lesasons so far,  tishim ve-tish-a shiurim ad hayom…so today is shiur mispar me-a!

Eran: Lesson number one hundred!


Liat: Of Learn Hebrew Pod

Eran: Your Online Multimedia Hebrew Learning Center

Liat: Which provides you wi…(Luli's barking)….Tov, tov, OKAY!... Luli wants her story in Hebrew and in English. And she wants it now

Jonathan: Okay. Luli, nizzacht, you won. Here's your story in Hebrew and in English…

לולי עם המשפחה החדשה שלה
Luli with her new family

Some Grammar from This Lesson
Paal Building Block & Hebrew Guttural Letters

Jonathan: two of the verbs in our conversation are not in the Paal building block. Eran, would you indicate these for us?

Eran: kamuvan Yonatan, mistadrim is in the hitpael building block, nimzza is in the nifal building block  

Liat: All of the other verbs in our conversation are in the Paal. As you remember Jonathan, the Paal building block comprises about tish-im achuz, ninety percent of the Hebrew verbs.

Eran: BUT,as we very well know, conjugations in the paal building block can be different between one root to another

Liat: That of course depends if  the root consist of only 'natural consonants' or use 'special consonants' as well, such as the famous guttural letters

Jonathan: Nachon meod. Verbs which include guttural letters in their root might get different conjugations in different tenses of the Paal. Today we will review the past present and future conjugations of verbs in which the third root letter is one of the guttural letters: hey, alef or ayin.  Let's read the list of verbs again, sorting them out into different categories:

אותיות גרוניות בעברית

Hebrew Guttural Letters

Liat: Liat: We will read you each verb the way it appears in the conversation, then the translation and finally the 'he in the past' conjugation. 


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