Dance CompanyIsrael is a country steeped in culture and appreciation for the performing arts.  It is home to the internationally-acclaimed Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, Ha-bima Theatre, the Israel Opera, the Israel Ballet, and the Akko Theater Festival--just to name a few.

Liat and Eran are very involved in the arts . . . they are both actors, and Liat is a dancer as well!  In honor of Liat’s upcoming performance with her dance company, in Learn Hebrew Pod Tel Aviv Performing Arts CenterLesson 6A, we will learn some dance-related vocabulary.  We’ll also learn the Hebrew way to send someone regards (since it turns out that Eran and Liat have many friends in common within the artistic community).  In addition, we will get our first look at a special Hebrew word that does not exist in English--the word “et.”

Then in Lesson 6B, we will build on what we learned in Lessons 3 and 4 as Jonathan introduces us to one of the most important and unique features of the Hebrew language--the system of building blocks used to conjugate verbs.  Because 90% of Hebrew verbs are in the first building block we will meet--called pa-al, we can accomplish so much just by learning this one.  Cool!

Lesson 6 has a little something for everyone--patrons of the arts, grammar aficionados, even Beatles fans!  So listen and learn to speak Hebrew on your way out to see a show . . . or a concert . . . or a ballet.  And Liat--Break a leg!  behazzlacha!!