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Lesson 68: At the Airport

We join up with Liat and Dan in the hustle & bustle of the airport today, excitedly discussing last-minute checks for their trip abroad & marveling at all one can find in Ben-Gurion while they wait.


A Personal "Pre-Flight Check"

"Oh no, I forgot… - אוֹי וַאֲבוֹי, שָׁכַחְתִּי... - oy vavoy, shachachti…"

Who has never had that scenario happen?
So before leaving for the airport, it's helpful to have a list - רְשִׁימָה- reshima of what to include and double-check in your carry-on luggage - תִּיק יָד - tik yad :)

Passport - in Hebrew - darkon

Notice the same root in darkon as the word - דֶּרֶךְ - derech, meaning way / path / route. In this category, also be sure you put these in the bag!:

כַּרְטִיס טִיסָה, מִסְמָכִים וְהַזְמָנַת מָלוֹן

kartis tisa, mismachim ve-hazmanat malon
flight ticket, documents and hotel reservation

Wallet - in Hebrew - arnak
Don't laugh- it's too common to misplace the most basic things when rushed or interrupted in the middle. Make sure to include your driver's license - רִישְׁיוֹן נְהִיגָה - rishyon nehiga ,
credit card -כַּרְטִיס אַשְׁרַאי - kartis ashrai , cash - מְזוּמָּנִים - mezumanim
and traveler's checks - הַמְחָאוֹת נוֹסְעִים - hamcha-ot nos-im.
Now that you've checked the contents, put your arnak back in your bag – תִּיק - tik. 
Cellphone and Earphones - in Hebrew - telephone selolari ve-ozniyot
טֶלֶפוֹן סְלוֹלָרִי, אוֹזְנִיּוֹת וְמַטְעֵן
telefon selolari, ozniyot ve-mat-en
Cellphone, earphones and charger

Does your phone include the following or will you be taking these items separately? Consider a camera מַצְלֵמָה mazzlema and an address book for sending postcards –
פִּנְקָס כְּתוֹבוֹת – pinkas ktovot

Glasses - in Hebrew - mishkafayim
Oh, and don't forget reading glasses - מִשְׁקְפֵי קְרִיאָה - mishkefey kria
and sunglasses - מִשְׁקְפֵי שֶׁמֶש - mishkefey shemesh. And a book – סֵפֶר - sefer to read on the way. Of course you can also use your travel time to be checking through your tour guidebook - מַדְרִיךְ טִיּוּלִים - madrich tiyulim. A pen and small notebook are handy too - עֵט וְמַחְבֶּרֶת קְטַנָּה - et ve-machberet ktana.
Medications - in Hebrew - trufot

Both prescription medication and anything you commonly might need quickly for pain, stomach upset and the like.

מִבְרֶשֶׁת שִׁינַּיִים וְמִשְׁחַת שִׁינַּיִים
mivreshet shina-im vemishchat shina-im
Toothbrush and toothpaste
Toothbrush - in Hebrew - mivreshet shina-im
In the same category: hairbrush or comb - מִבְרֶשֶׁת שֵׂעַר אוֹ מַסְרֵק - mivreshet se-ar o masrek, make-up – אִיפּוּר – ipur, wet-wipes – מַגְּבוֹנִים– magvonim, and a pack of tissues - חֲבִילַת טִישׁוּ - chavilat tishu. We also recommend you take a change of clothes - בְּגָדִים לַהַחְלָפָה - bgadim lehachlafa, just in case your luggage is delayed or…gulp…missing on arrival. It's also always a good idea to have some safety pins on you - סִיכּוֹת בִּיטָּחוֹן - sikot bitachon and things like that :) .
Flashlight - in Hebrew - panas
פָּנָס קָטָן
panas katan
A small flashlight or pen-light

While we all love the adventure of new things and places, it's better to be able to see the coming adventure than tripping over it unexpectedly, thinking you lost something in a bag because you just couldn't see inside well enough and other typical low-light mishaps in unfamiliar surroundings.

חֲטִיף בָּרִיא
chatif bari
A healthy snack
Healthy snack - in Hebrew - chatif bari
This reshima was written by a Jewish mother, so what would you expect?

נְסִיעָה טוֹבָה!

nesi-a tova!
Have a good trip :) !