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A Trip to London Town





Your first trip to London! eyze kef... what fun! Even though you’ve read all the travel books, nothing could prepare you for all the options in store from the moment your plane lands at the airport...  







The first question is how to get where you’re going!
One option in London is always...





So what to see first? Maybe the place where kings and queens have been crowned... 




Or the outdoor home of some of London’s most famous statues and fountains...



  And to grab a glimpse of the Crown Jewels of England, don’t forget to visit...                         




(But sorry, they won’t let you take a tiara home as a souvenir!)





Or just maybe you could pop by Buckingham Palace for high tea with London’s most famous residents...


mishpachat hamelucha habritit


From the Bible


Unlike Great Britain, today’s State of Israel has no royal family--no king or queen sitting upon a throne. But it hasn’t always been this way... some of the Bible’s most famous stories tell us of Israel’s early kings.


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Dan's just returned from Jolly Old England and can't wait to tell us all about his time in London! Where did he go? What did he see? And what is his absolute favorite thing about this unique and exciting city?
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Lesson 56: The Job Interview
Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, Liat had a chance to meet Yael, her very good friend from high school. while they chat and touch base, Liat comes up with a great idea for this lesson's dialogue...
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